Tuesday, September 28, 2010

I love him...

From birth, even a few hours old, EVERYONE has told me and remind me of it all the time that Cage looks just like his Daddy.  It breaks my heart a little that everyone sees a Clay Jr. when they look at Cage (not that it is a bad thing because it is not!) It just gets a little hard to handle when people don't even believe he is my baby too!
When I look at Cage I see a beautiful mix of features and characteristics from both Clay and I and our families. He is constantly changing and growing and I hope he grows up to be an amazing man  just like his Daddy is! I guess in the end it doesn't matter who he looks like but that he was created by our love.
I'm not being whiney or at least not trying too but I have just been reminded of this a lot lately from family and perfect strangers! So I had to get it off my chest...

I love him...and that is all that matters.

I am very grateful for each day I get to spend at home with this little guy, he is my greatest challenge in life but also my greatest reward.

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  1. That's the cutest face EVER!!! He's so cute and he DOES have both of you in him! People used to tell my ALL the time with baby Jack..."He must look like his daddy." (meaning your kid looks NOTHING like you). I at first was like wow that stinks, but then again I think Derek's pretty handsome :) Enjoy kissing that cute little guy!