Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Day 4,5,& 6

Something I crave...

Frozen Chocolate Chips! Mmmm...

Top 10 pet peeves...

1-Chewing with your mouth open
2-When drivers don't signal
3-When people leave shopping carts in the middle of the parking lot...If I can walk my cart back so can you!
4-Poor customer service
5-{This one is for clay} Finding dishes all over my house
6-People using my stuff without asking
7-When someone tells you the same story over and over because they can't remember if they have told you
8-When things aren't put back in the right place...I think this is a bit of my OCD shining through
9-Taking up two parking spaces
10-Messy unorganized things/rooms

Somthing I bought recently...

This one is tough because I have been buying a lot of Christmas presents, but I always buy one of these...

and I did get this new cd...

So I would have something new to listen too while I wrapped presents!

 I will catch up slowly but surely!

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  1. This is completely unrelated, but I like how you did the "day 1", Day 2", all fancy. It makes you blog look really nice.