Sunday, January 23, 2011

Grandma's 90th

Last week we celebrated Clay's Great Grandma's 90th Birthday. Her children threw her a surprise party. I dunno whos idea it was to surprise a 90 YEAR OLD, but everything turned out heart attacks or anything :) Keeping a secret from her is really hard but...
it was all worth this face... and those tears of joy!

 It was such a special moment.

I was asked to put together a slideshow of pictures from her life and I was SOOO nervous! After a few hiccups...a broken disc drive...a broken tv...we finally were able to get it up and running and I hope everyone enjoyed it! It was fun to see everything she has done and everyone she as touched in her 90 years.

(She really acts like a 70 year old)

Did I mention we have her 1 and only Great Great Grandchild...

Love you Grandma

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