Friday, July 29, 2011

Carpinteria 2011

Every year Clay's family gather at "The Beach" or Carpinteria State Beach in California.  This year we had over 100 people! 

We had so much fun as a family, although there were some rough spots all went well this year!

We went to our favorite candy store Robitailles.  Cage enjoyed the dirt and sand everywhere! (I decided before we went that it didn't matter how dirty he got as long as he was happy and oh boy was he in heaven)

This year I was in charge of the birthdays.  Every year they have a big birthday party for the kids and adults with a "0" birthday (20, 30, 40, etc)  I was really nervous! First off I have only been to this two or three times and it was a big year, Great Great Grandma Anderson turned 90 this year! Everything went really well though so I was pretty happy. 

It was a great trip to the beach!

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