Thursday, December 1, 2011

Pregnancy Update

Things have been a little crazy around here our schedules are packed everyday 
but I wanted to post a little update about this pregnancy so far...

(I am currently 16 weeks and 5 days) 
but this is documentation sake...

Weight Gain = 1 lb

Belly Button is halfway out ALREADY

Maternity clothes all the way!

I have felt plenty of movement :) They are very active!

Being pregnant with twins has been VERY different from my pregnancy with Cage.  I was sick sick sick with these babies for the first 15 weeks.  (FYI throwing up in the car is NOT fun) All I wanted was to lay down and eat Sonic ice, oh and sleep all the time! 
Thankfully we have lots of family around to help with Cage and make sure we are doing alright.

 Even though this pregnancy has had its hard times, I am beyond grateful and so thankful for these two blessings! Although unexpected, nothing beats that feeling when you see two little hearts beating on the ultrasound machine.  I can't wait to see their faces and touch that velvet soft baby skin.  

Double the blessings and double the love!

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