Monday, May 7, 2012

The Twins

The last week of pregnancy was pretty crazy.  
I had gotten to the point that I was going into the doctor's office everyday.... it was hard.

Each day my doctor would check me to see if I was more dilated.  I was slowly progressing (verrry slooowly) but not enough to be in active labor
 I admit we did go on a few walks, a bumpy car ride, and I even tried spicy food...
I was DONE but nothing worked.

So Thursday morning I went in fully expecting to have to wait until my scheduled c-section on Monday April 23rd.

Surprisingly, when he checked me I had dilated more and was in active labor!   

So he called over to the hospital and set up the c-section for noon that same day!  He gave me an hour to get my things and then head over to start the prep work for surgery.  It was a little nerve wracking hour because Clay had forgotten his cell phone at home that day and I couldn't get ahold of him at work....I started panicking that I would have to do this all alone but
thank goodness Clay "had a feeling" that he needed to leave work and come home to get his phone and just happened to be there when we pulled in the driveway to get my bags.  

Right before we went to the hospital
{36 weeks 4 days}
It was surreal to know that our family would be growing to a family of five in a matter of hours!  I couldn't wait to meet the girls!

When we got to the hospital things were pretty hectic.  It seemed like nurses were constantly coming in and out of our room asking questions and getting things ready in the O.R. 

At 11:45 we walked into the operating room and I was prepped for a spinal tap.  I was pretty nervous but the anesthesiologist was very nice and made sure to tell me what was going on during the surgery and made sure I was comfortable.  

At 12:28 Piper was born and 2 minutes later Harper was born.  It was surreal to finally see them and luckily both bassinets were in my view so I could see everything that was happening to them while the doctors finished stitching me up.  Piper was born with a lot of fluid in her lungs but they were able to get everything out quickly and Harper was born with the umbilical cord wrapped tightly around her neck but once that was removed everything was fine.

Luckily both babies were healthy and strong and only spent 4 hours in the NICU for observation and then they were brought up to our room.

I am enjoying every second with these babies even the late night feedings! :)

I didn't think anything was better than a newborn but having two is pretty amazing!

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